About Us

A lifelong teacher, Sonja Hunt believed that it was vital for students to develop great study habits early on in a child’s academic career. A solid academic foundation can boost confidence and motivate students to reach their potential.

Unfortunately, the reality is that lessons can move at a quick pace to keep up with the school’s academic schedule. This often causes many children to feel confused and lost when they try to work on their homework. Feeling left behind and discouraged by their performance, many students stop trying. It is well documented that this type of discouragement in the classroom can negatively impact everything from their grades to their behavior, and even degrade their thoughts of self worth. No child should think they have limitations on what they are able to accomplish. Although teachers do their best to nurture the development of every student, some kids may need extra assistance in order to keep up with the curriculum.

The Sonja M. Hunt Education Foundation exists to support students in two ways: 

  1. We provide scholarships that allow families to send their elementary and middle school children to get tutored. Individualized attention in a tutoring program can help the student iron out any issues and set them up for a lifetime of academic success.
  2. We also offer a college scholarship to help students afford a higher education; learning should not stop as the students grows up. 

You can help students now by giving to our campaign. Every small donation can make the world of a difference to strengthen a child’s education. 

Help a Child's Education

We offer scholarships for elementary and middle school students to get tutoring, which prevents them from falling behind in school.
We also offer a college scholarship to help students finance their higher education.
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