Our Current Causes.

We currently offer two scholarships.

Tutoring Scholarships

It’s important for children to work through anything they might be unsure about in school. Sometimes this requires extra help outside the classroom. Tutoring gives a child individualized attention and helps them overcome any road bumps they might have in their journey to academic success.

We currently award multiple $250 scholarships a year; divided between the spring and fall semesters. Any student 4th grade to 8th grade in need of extra assistance may apply.

College Scholarships

College is expensive, but cost should not be a prohibitive factor. Everyone deserves the chance to pursue their education, however, we know that college can be expensive.

We currently award one $1000 college scholarship each year. Any student who just graduated high school and who is enrolled to attend college in the fall semester may apply.

Our Future Goals.

We eventually plan to expand to help teachers, in addition to the two student focused causes listed above.

Grants for Educators

In the near future, we hope to be able to give grants to teachers who want to implement fun and informative programs in their classroom and/or school district.

Teachers have to pay for so many things out of pocket and that cost may hinder innovation. We hope to one day be able to provide grants to eligible educators to make their projects come to fruition.


Financial Assistance for Teachers Undergoing Cancer Treatments

Our final long term goal is to offer financial assistance to teachers who are undergoing cancer treatments. Cancer is a deadly disease, but also very expensive. Some medications can be thousands of dollars out of pocket. In honor of Sonja Hunt, we hope to one day be able to help lessen the financial burden for teachers who are battling this terrible disease.